Thursday, February 14, 2013

Me??? Emotional???

Unglued was a book I chose to read and review because I needed a devotional book.  As I read the first few days worth of devotions, I thought how great it was...for those women who tend to be a little emotional.  Not me, of course.
My husband asked me what the book was about.  I told him it was about dealing with your raw emotions and that I thought  it was a great book for women who had to deal with that kind of problem, but it really didn't apply to me.
The look on his face said otherwise.  It was one of disbelief.  This was followed by hilarious laughter. 
"Not apply to you ?"  he asked in between guffaws.

Well, when something triggers that response in my husband I take a second look.  As I continued reading, I realized that maybe...just maybe...I DID need such a book. 

Women tend to be emotional creations of the Lord.  It is a good long as it is under His control. 

Unglued is a great way to start recognizing how and why you tend to come unglued.  What to do about it.  How to handle those raw emotions. 

After finishing the book, I am being led to do a small group study with other women in my church using this book.  I thought it fantastic! 

I liked the website that goes along with the book because the author offers the first two chapters of the book Unglued for free to readers (the book is different than the devotional book...I read the devotional book).   She also has a video up that is the entire first video of the DVD/ book study combination.  This is a valuable tool to help decide if this study is right for your group.
 Check out the video (first link) and the chapters (second link) and see if you don't come away helped!

Download Chapters 1 & 2 by clicking here. (PDF)