Thursday, August 5, 2010

Forgotten God by Frances Chan

Forgotten God is like sitting down with Mr. Chan and talking over a glass of lemonade about your walk with God. He is very down to earth, real, transparent and it shows in his writing. But the thing I liked most about this book was that throughout the reading of it...Chan constantly focuses your attention back to God, to the Holy Spirit. He asks questions, some with answers and some without, but all in faith and wisdom...reminding me of the immense difference in me( the creation ) and the Holy Spirit, God who lives in me. This book addresses the role of the Holy Spirit, who He is, what He does in our lives. This is one of those books that you read, put down, read, put down, go to the Bible, pray, read, pray and walk away from it yearning to be closer to the Lord. I think every Christian should read this book or hear it talked about or see a DVD about it...because the Holy Spirit is not what we have told ourselves He is. He is much more.

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