Friday, January 14, 2011

Goodbye Bad Dreams

The Dream Quilt is not only a favorite of my children's but is one of my favorites as well. We all have bad dreams sometimes and I remember well as a child waking up crying and leaving the lights on and sleeping uneasily the rest of the night. If this book had been around when I was a child, I think my bad creams would have vanished!
The writer shares a loving story of a little boy troubled by bad dreams until his mother brings out the Dream Quilt her mother gave her. She tells him the story behind the quilt and each night tucks him under the quilt, seals him with a kiss and sends him off to Dreamland.
When the quilt needs some repairs, the little boy is worried that the bad dreams might come back. But his mother explains to him that it isn't the quilt that keeps him safe and gives him is God. What a wonderful lesson to share with our God can help when life is scary to us.
Not only is the story well written and loving, but the illustrations are superb! We read this one over and over again, and I plan on purchasing more (if I can find them!) to give as gifts at baby showers!
You can purchase this book used [here][1] . I believe there are a few new copies too but at very expensive costs.
What really needs to happen is a re-release of this book! I know it would sell many, many copies!

[1]:"The Dream Quilt"

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