Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cause Within You

Finding purpose and meaning in life is an almost universal pursuit and is harder for some than for others. This book is not a "how to" manual for being happy and fulfilled. Although if you take to heart the way Barnett points to being a servant of Jesus Christ and loving others through serving them, I've no doubt you will find fulfillment.

The most interesting part to me of this book was reading about Barnett's cause...The Dream Center...and the service he provides to the poor, homeless, broken people of the Los Angeles area. I loved reading the testimonies of those whose lives were changed because of Barnett's love for the Lord and love for people.

At the end of each chapter is a "What I've Learned" section where his main points are laid out clear and simple. There is a study guide in the back to use either personally or with a small group.

Several main points really stood out to me...
- You will encounter the urge to quit; always be prepared to give it one more day. Pursuing a cause is difficult but worth it.
- God wants you to know the cause He has for you so ask Him to reveal it, and sometimes your cause will emerge out of your pain and hardship.
-God's dreams for you are always bigger and better than your dreams for you.
--God's cause relates to helping and serving

This book is full of great encouraging thoughts and I would suggest it for anyone...Christian, non-Christian, male, female, successful, broken. It is the type of book you will pick up again and again. Barnett's message of "Don't focus on success; focus on God and others" is the kind of thing the world needs to hear. We need to focus on people and how to serve God through serving people's needs.

It is wonderful to see someone totally committed to God with the kind of faith and focus Barnett has. He is humble at the same time, admitting to his own struggles and failures. God has used Barnett to change lives and God can use you and me in this same way...right where we are now...right at this moment. Ask Him to show you how.

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