Saturday, January 19, 2013

Call of a Coward

I love reviewing books for Christian publishers.  Each time I get to browse the covers and the blurbs for the books, I feel as if I am choosing an adventure to live.   With this book, I definitely received an adventure!! 
Call of a Coward  attracted my attention because...well, I am a coward.  Let me back up a bit and say, I have been a coward and am trying to live a fearless life because the Lord has told me "Let not your heart be troubled...".  So I try.  I also do anything I can to find out how other people deal with fear, anxiety, worry.
The subtitle to this book is "The God of Moses and the Middle-Class Housewife".   Here again, I was drawn because I am an average housewife and I love the God of Moses.  See how this book just sort of drew me in?
The book is about the author's experience of obeying God's call for her husband and her family as they become missionaries to the Guatemalan people.  Mrs. Moston writes in a friendly, descriptive style and her sense of humor had me smiling by the second page of the first chapter. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this story because it was presented with candor and transparency.  The fears she experienced moving to a foreign country, thinking about her future and the future of her family, and wondering how she would survive without the things she had been accustomed to.
Throughout the book, Mrs. Moston continually points to the Lord, giving Him the praise for how He provided for them.  She honestly deals with the times in life when she wondered if there had been a reason for all they did in Guatemala. It is as if she is a friend sitting with me, telling me about her life. 
I loved reading about how the Lord gave them the strength and courage to deal with so much.  How He did not answer all their questions yet never let them feel abandoned.  How He gave them patience to see how He works things in His own timing. 
This book was such an encouragement to me as a Christian because when other members of the body of Christ share how God is at work in their lives, it encourages the rest of the members.  And Mrs. Moston has done that! 
As someone who has never been on a mission trip but has a desire to go, this book also gave me ...not a nudge really...just another piece of information that could be filling in the gaps of what I need to know. 
I would recommend this book to any wife (because it has much wisdom about being a godly wife within its pages...although Mrs. Moston probably did not write it specifically for that reason...the beauty of a godly wife shines through the story).  I would recommend it to anyone who has been or is considering going on a mission trip because it is stirring.  I would recommend it to anyone in ministry who has had times when they wonder if they are in the right place, if they are doing what God wants them to do.  I would recommend it to people who live fearfully, because it shows once again that we serve a God who is in control and we have no need to fear. 
I am glad the Lord led me to choose this book to read!  I pray that He continues to use this couple in their obedience to Him to serve Him in whatever ways He has in mind. 

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