Monday, October 28, 2013

The Harbinger Decoded DVD

I have read the book The Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn after my dad recommended it.  The book and the message of the book was one of the most powerful I have read outside of the Bible.  The book is not only a book that is prophetic in nature but it is a wealth of history, both Jewish and American.  I learned things about my own country's history that I did not know.  
When I had the chance to review the DVD, I was excited because I know many people who I wanted to read the book...but they are not readers.  So I thought this would be a good alternative for them.
This review has 4 stars not because of content...the content is important, relevant and amazing.  
I would still suggest for you to read the book itself...not just watch the DVD.
I know that the Lord can and will use the DVD as well. 
However, I believe if a few things were done differently it would have a much greater impact on non-readers.  So here is how I would change it:

1)  The background music in the main feature is overwhelming in volume.  The message is what is important and interesting and the music is not balanced with the vocals.  Many times throughout the DVD I had to really concentrate to hear what was being said because the music was too loud.  
2) The music itself seemed to be overwhelming in its "drama", if that makes sense.  Again, the music was a distraction to the words, which are what need to be heard.
3)  Instead of having Jonathan doing his speaking with the moving backgrounds and photos behind him, I may have had him speaking from an actual wheat field, or speaking from actual Ground Zero, or speaking from the actual chapel where Washington prayed.  This would just make it better in my opinion and keep the attention of the viewer longer.

Now to the things that I was very pleased with. The "Special Features" section.
The music was better on most of those sections...still maybe just a little loud.  
Jonathan's testimony was an added bonus and blessing.  Also , the Guided Tour of the Harbingers made me want to tour Washington to see these.

This is a DVD to wake up America, to call America to return to God.  The Harbingers are warnings but warnings imply that a change in behavior can lead to restoration.  America needs to be restored to the Foundation she was founded upon. 


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