Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Do Hard Things can be a book that will change the face of the earth if our youth (and our adults) read and soak in the principles and ideas found within its pages. To date, this book is the best book for challenging young people not just to "be better people". That is a try, fail, try, fail, give up system. It challenges young people to "do hard things" for a purpose, for a reason and with a strength and power that is beyond themselves. The focus is not on making a name for yourself because you were able to achieve something is on glorifying the Lord in that He was able to use you because you said, "Okay, Lord. I believe in Your power to accomplish all things even through me and my limitations. Here I am. Use me."
I originally purchased this book for my son's homeschooling reading for next year and I read a little in it last week and could not wait until September to give it to him. He read the first chapter in a night and is so excited. He has already felt led to do two things that are "hard things" and has started and seen his own failures...and the Lord's own successes! This book is filled with Scripture which supports the authors' ideas and filled with examples of other teenagers who have been able to do things beyond the expectations of our society. In today's world teens are often "guilty, until proven innocent". These authors (who are brothers, teens and homeschooled)give hope and show it does not have to be that way.
I would give this a rating of 20 on a scale of 1-10 because of the enormous potential for changing lives, changing the world, and bringing people to understand the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Absolutely a keeper. Should be in every church library.
The website the writers have established has so much more to offer as well in the way of support, including a free study guide for youth leaders, parents, teachers, to use with the book. I am thankful for these teenagers who allowed the Lord to use them to start the Rebelution.

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