Friday, July 2, 2010

Written on the Wind by Judith Pella

I hate it when I read a book that is the first in a series and I don't know that at the beginning...especially such a well-written, exciting book as this one. The author really knows how to develop a character and I felt as though I would recognize the characters if I saw them on the street. She doesn't skirt around touchy issues such as promiscuity, war, betrayal...she handles them with integrity and even the parts of the book that would be embarrassing to talk about in everyday life, the author writes about in a way that makes the heart understand and empathize.
I loved all the characters and the fact that the setting was in the 1940s during the war and involved journalists made it all the more wonderful for me since I love writing myself and enjoyed reading about journalists during that time period and the censorship they had to endure. I could not find any fault with this book and plan on searching for the sequel so I can feed my need to know what happens to Cameron, Alex and Johnny, Blair, Jackie, their father and mother. I need to know!!
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