Thursday, December 16, 2010

Be Intolerant

In a world where tolerance is praised as the socially acceptable attitude to have towards everybody and everything we are reminded by the author that there are some things we should not tolerate.
We are taught by media, schools, professors, peers, politicians ...that there is no "truth". That everything is subjective. No right or wrong.
Yet, that in itself is a paradox...are we not being told that it is wrong to believe there is no right and wrong?? How could that be if there is no right or wrong??
This book does an excellent job laying it on the line...talking of topics that we should be intolerant of in a loving Christlike way because we love others...not because we want things our way...but because we care enough to want to warn others when a way is filled with danger, despite how politically incorrect we may be perceived as being.
I think this book is an excellent one for high school students and upwards in age to read and discuss ...a youth group would be an excellent forum but a family would be even better. This can also rekindle the flame of standing up for what you believe in, knowing the costs...not to yourself but to others. Highly recommend this one!!!

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