Saturday, February 18, 2017

A Fun Family Devotional Book - Kingdom Family Devotional- 52 Weeks of Growing Together by Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans

Kingdom Family Devotional
by Tony Evans and Jonathan Evans

This is a nice hardcover book with that would make a great family gift.  There are 52 topics, one for each week of the year.  For five days, the devotionals are "devoted" to that topic. :)
The devotions are worded for the parent to read to the family.  Within the devotional are italicized words, which are instructions to follow for an activity that goes along with the devotion.  I liked this because it makes the information for that day stay with you and your children longer.  
Each day's devotion is only one page so it does not take that long to do.  Of course, the devotion is supposed to just be a started to get good conversations going within your family as well regarding the topics.  
There is a Scripture reading at the beginning of each day and sometimes other Scriptures to read are referenced in the actual devotion.  

I think this would be a great devotional for families with children that are a variety of ages because it works for discussion with all ages.  I also think it would be good for parents who may never have had family devotional time before or for parents who are new Christians themselves.

One thing I liked is that for each Wednesday of the week the devotion is very focuses on Scripture.  The other days may have one to two verses but Wednesdays have many verses in Scripture to read and discuss.  Also on Fridays there is a focus on "fun" as a family and activities are suggested that are fun as well as help to bring home the point of the devotional.

Some of the topics included are love, purity, salvation, spiritual warfare, faith, money, friends, family, manhood, womanhood, forgiveness, peace, perseverance, teamwork, communication, church, fear, obedience, humility, temptation, and many more.

There are some really great activities in this family devotional.  If you are looking for something to start spiritual discussions in your home with your children, this would be a great book.  If you are looking for something that delves deeply into Scripture, this is not that book but you are free to do that part on your own and use this book as a guide, then share what God showed you through study to add to what is given here.

Overall this was a really good family devotional book. 

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