Saturday, February 18, 2017

No Fear by Tony Perkins

No Fear  by Tony Perkins

First, the purely aesthetic parts of the book that I like are :

  • The font chosen for the table of contents...easy to read, as is the font for the actual chapters
  • The preface that gives information about the author that truly relates to the content of the book
  • The use of pull quotes within the chapters 
  • The "Making It Real" question section at the end of most chapters
Secondly, the book itself is a wonderful collection of stories about real young men and women who are standing up for God's truth.  I like how he uses a modern day example of a young person who has been called by the Lord to do something and boldly does it, no matter the cost.  The title of the book No Fear shows that these young people know in whom they trust and they know who to fear (God) and who not to fear (mankind).  In the face of adversities and persecution, the people Mr. Perkins writes about have received the strength and courage of the Holy Spirit and mighty things have happened in their lives.

I also like that not only does the author share these current stories, but also he compares each story with a historical account from the Bible of someone in similar situation.  So the reader comes away with a Biblical role model, a modern day role model and a desire to become a role model themselves.

I believe this book to be not only an excellent read for high school and college students but for adults as well.  We can be encouraged to continue on in the work God gives us by the passion and zeal for the Lord that these young people today have been given.  

I think many Christians share a bit of fear when it comes to sharing their faith with others.  I like what Mr. Perkins says, "The only way to counter the fear of man is with faith in God."

There are plenty of Scriptures scattered throughout this book.  One of my favorite sums up the lives of the men and women, both ancient and present, who put their faith in God.

"Be strong and of good courage;  do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."  (Joshua 1:9)

The issues dealt with in the book include the sanctity of life, our passions and dreams for life, prayer in schools, seeing that we can make a difference in this world, playing it safe rather than playing to win for the Lord, the false gods that can distract us in today's world, our motives, and how to handle fears of being rejected, made fun of, bullies or persecuted.

I thought it was an excellent book and would make a great study for a youth group or a family with middle school or high school age children.  

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